ASMPT NEXX, Inc. provides our customers with the on substrate results they require using our high technology capital equipment for advanced packaging electrochemical deposition and physical vapor deposition (ECD and PVD).  Our team of experts will work with your production team to qualify processes in the areas of:

  • Wafer Level Packaging
  • Bumping (Cu Pillar and SnAg)
  • Redistribution layers (Au and Cu RDL)
  • Fan Out
  • RF Filters SAW and BAW
  • Panel Level Plating
  • Power Devices
  • 2.5D/3D TSV
  • EMI Shielding
  • TSV

ASMPT NEXX, Inc. has developed advanced features and capabilities to support specific Advanced Packaging Markets in the middle end of the line, whether in the fab or at the assembly house. These unique innovative solutions enable our customer base to achieve some the most accurate plating and sputtering performance in the world today while maintaining productivity rates 2X and 3X higher than alternative suppliers, resulting in a value proposition that is second to none.

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